Where will your investments take you?

There’s only one currency in the world that has no political attachment, no debt obligations and no printing press. Is your equity portfolio protected with an appropriate allocation to precious metals stocks?

Cam Currie, Senior Investment Advisor, specializes in identifying exceptional investment opportunities in the precious metals sector. He has been strategically involved in raising several hundred million dollars for mining companies – seven of which led to takeovers by more senior players. Furthermore, over 25 years, Cam has cultivated an extensive network of global mining company executives, geologists and research analysts. Alongside his own independent research and due diligence, they keep him attuned to the pulse of the industry. He has at his fingertips both on-the-ground knowledge of the most promising discoveries and insights into the strategic positioning of institutional money managers.



 My Thesis

If you are seeking portfolio growth, you should consider a small allocation to precious metals. Learn more about why many successful investors include precious metal stocks in their portfolios by reading Cam’s thesis – and then put Cam’s expertise to work for you.